Our Goal

The death of a loved one is never easy, and the probate process can pile on additional stress and frustration in an already challenging time.
Our goal is to get you and the family through the Oregon probate and estate process as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We do this by offering many services and vendors that will save you time and money, getting you to the finish line with fewer hassles.

About Erik

Erik Gerth is a Certified Probate Expert (CPE)© and an Oregon Real Estate Principal Broker with 24 years of Probate, Estate,  and Real Estate Experience.

Erik loves helping executors and personal representatives through the probate process. He understands what a difficult and stressful time it can be for everyone. His knowledge of the process is invaluable. While he refuses to give legal advice, Erik can help you find a good probate attorney and provides very valuable non-legal advice during this time. Erik helps clients avoid challenges with vacant house insurance, preventing and dealing with squatters, and selling valuable personal property or saving money regarding various expenses. His experience in selling hundreds of homes and doing fix and flips is very valuable, and can net you thousands of additional dollars.   In some situations,  a cash offer or creative finance sale might be the best solution. Whatever the situation may demand, Erik is focused on the client first, learning their needs and helping them achieve their goals.

Contact Erik Gerth today for a free consultation at 503-770-0492.

Erik Gerth

Certified Probate Expert (CPE)©

Principal Broker in Oregon